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Welcome to Dog Gone Fancy, Inc.

"Where We'll Treat Your Pet Like Royalty!"


Dog Gone Fancy shop hours are from 8am to 5pm Tuesday thru Saturday and closed on holidays
Special Appointments are Available upon Request (additional charges may apply)


The Royal Treament

Dog Gone Fancy has an open floorplan for you to see all the groomers and the 'tools of their trade'. When you arrive, you can watch any one of the many services being performed by specialized groomers anytime without wondering what goes on behind closed doors.

 Complete Grooming for Dogs

Professional consultations for a custom body clip available upon request. Dog Gone Fancy has two relaxing baths with massage. All pets are dried with a warm towel, hand and blow dry, nails trimed, ears cleaned and hair removed, shaving privates and between pads, also anal glands are expressed. And of course a bow that says "hey look at me!"

Al LA Carte Services

    Bath and Tidy includes everything excluding body clip.
    Bath only includes bath, dry and brush
    Anal Glands only
    Nails only
    Doggie Day Care is available hourly,
            half day and full day


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Miscellaneous Grooming Items

Special Order Items
    Handmade Collars
    Handmade Leashes
    Handmade Harnesses
    Handmade Belly Bands

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Our Team!

Meet our Pet Stylists - Tina - Mary - Heather - Debbie - Amanda - Capt. Marty

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"Tina has had a lifelong career in grooming. It all began as a summer job in high school, working for her aunt, a well known business woman in New Jersey. In 2005, Tina moved to the sunshine state between Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne. What a welcome! She loves her job at DGF and is happy to be able to work independently in a fun atmosphere. Her kind nature and intuitiveness makes her a hit with the four legged clients. She is an exceptional groomer and can work with any breed but her specialty is feline. She is DGF's #1 cat groomer. Tina is featured with Cooper - a real sweetheart! She loves to bake, bike and go to the beach and when the opportunity presents itself, she will get another Rottweiler. She has two children, one is a son in the Navy and 2 grandchildren."

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"MARY - DGF Salon Manager
After many years in the construction industry, Mary decided to choose a career she would love. Her passion to work with animals led her to pursue a career in grooming. She has a special touch for working with timid, scared and difficult dogs that don't like to be groomed. She has a gentle touch and compassionate spirit which also extends to her Pekinese rescue named Lisa. You can see Lisa in the picture with Mary, along with her boyfriend Fredo. She has three children, 1 grandchild and is an avid cook in her spare time."

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"Going slow and steady and showing respect for her furry clients is Heather's motto. She is a Florida native but began her career in upstate New York as a dog bather. After moving back to Florida she went to college and graduated with honors from Santa Fe State College with a degree in Zoo Animal Technology. She loves working at DGF because it allows her to be more creative than a zookeeper - and it's more fun! Her favorite dogs to groom are poodles but loves working with new puppy clients. Since she studied animal behavior, she enjoys the challenge of teaching puppy's proper grooming etiquette.
Her girl is a gorgeous black standard poodle named Lilah who can be seen in her picture."

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"Debbie has been in the dog business for the better part of 30 years - grooming, training and raising champion shelties. She is originally from Canton, Ohio and is the newest member of the DGF grooming team.She turned a hobby into a passion for training dogs and has spent the last 15 years involved in agility and confirmation training specifically for the sheltie breed. She has two shelties named Ditto and Splash. Splash is her champion! And she is the proud grandparent of three - one girl and two boys."

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"Amanda is a native of Ohio and began her grooming career there. Since moving to Florida, she works full time at a law firm and grooms on Saturdays in order to help pay for her education. She's going to school to become a paralegal.Her furry friends at home include two cats, Steve and Tipsy and a rescue chihuahua named Sasha who NEVER leaves her side. She loves to watch scary movies, attend live sporting events and concerts and her favorite team is the Miami Heat."

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"Captain Marty and his first mate Duncan You can find Marty at DGF on Saturdays since his full time job during the week is as a Project Manager at CMI. As a de-stressor from the corporate world, Marty volunteers on Saturdays to help with bathing or support for the full time groomers. Marty also bathes his own dog Duncan. Notice in the picture that Rod Stewart resembles Marty so watch for him around town. He'll be happy to give you his autograph!"


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(561) 841-0422
E-mail: doggonefancy@att.net


715 Northlake Ave.
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl 33408

Shop Hours including daycare

Tuesday thru Saturday 8am to 5pm


Sues Corner


"It's all about the dogs and cats". That's the first thing Sue will say that makes her business successful. Every action at DGF is for the benefit of the four-legged clients. She ensures that her DGF staff is attentive to the safety, health and welfare of all animals that step through her door.
Her staff will say that she makes everyone feel welcome - customers, four-legged clients and employees! She is hands-on, high energy, but with her kind and thoughtful nature, is a mentor to her groomers. She has developed the concept of 'cage-less' environment so no dog is required to be caged when they spend time at DGF. She is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve her 'royal treatments' and to make the environment pleasant and fun for everyone.
Sue works closely with Coastal Poodle Rescue which is where she rescued her toy poodle Lea. Her contribution to Coastal Poodle Rescue is a free groom for those dogs getting ready to go to their forever homes.
She also works closely with Dr. Bob Miles at North Palm Beach Animal Clinic who is practically located next door. She wants everyone to know that at DGF, We Will Treat Your Pet Like Royalty!

September 23, 2014

Dog Gone Fancy is ...

the friendliest, full-service, state-of-the art, cage less pet grooming facility for dogs AND cats in the Palm Beaches.  We are so proud of our shop that we have an open-door policy--nothing is hidden--everything is out in the open for the customers to see. We can also board your dogs when you need that special care for your most special family member! 

Stop by, look around, and watch us work on our special clientele anytime! Pleanty of new fury friends.


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September 14 2014

Our new web site 

A fully mobile friendly web site

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Sue is a long time member of the
National Dog Groomers of America